Jsme trojlístek muzikantů hrajících i v jiných bandech s několikaletou zkušeností na všech úrovních v oboru Motörhead revival. Hrajeme rychle, tvrdě, nahlas a důrazně. Zpěv a baskytara Antonín Jireš, sólová kytara Václav "Jimi" Ličík a bicí Marek Vácha z Plzně. Naším cílem je co nejlépe oslavovat mistra Lemmyho Kilmistera.

We are a trio of musicians who also play in other bands and together we have many years of experience at all levels regarding Motörhead revival. We play fast, hard, loud and strong music. Antonín Jireš from Pilsen is on vocals and bass, Václav "Jimi" Ličík from Pilsen is on lead guitar and Marek Vácha from Pilsen is on drums. Our goal is to celebrate the maestro that is Lemmy Kilmister to the best of our abilities. Motörreptile is a revival band of the famous Motörhead and were formed in Pilsen to commemorate the rock giant Lemmy Kilmister, who recently departed to music heaven.

The man behind it all is a great admirer of Lemmy´s work and the front man of Motörreptile, Antonín Jireš from Pilsen. “I first heard Motörhead on the radio when I was in the eighth grade, it was the song Bomber. I remember experiencing a complete cultural resurrection. Motörhead became the true love of my life. In my opinion, the bass is very important.

As my friend Leo says, the bass in Motörhead sounds like a melting nuclear power plant. Well, that’s impossible to resist and something you get addicted to.”